Monday, August 24, 2009


I'm seriously tired today! Mondays really take it out of me. Pay no mind to the fact that it's only 10:17 a.m.-- my day is almost half over!

School has started back with a vengence. This sentence really captures where my brain and body have been the last 2 weeks. For real.

I start back to grad school for the semester a week from tomorrow. I am excited. I will be the teacher during the day and the student two nights a week. I think I can do it...

Anecdote from class:

During the first day, I always get my students to fill out a little "about me" form. One of my junior high kids had a creative spelling on her answer for "Where is your favorite place in the world?" Answer? Gratin Beach.

Grayton. Yes. Gratin' sounds painful!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

I will rise

Click this link, pause it and let the video load- skip to the 52:00 minute mark, watch, and be blessed (not that the previous 51 minutes weren't them too if you want :))

More blogging to come...this whole going back to work thing is really throwing me for a loop!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

School time once again....

Classroom tour time!

Welcome to the Choir Room :)

I admit it- my sense of humor is so unrefined, I laugh at my own bulletin board!

the entire masterpiece! don't look at that background too long, you might pass out.

My GORGEOUS new smartboard. with my itunes. and my "i'm at school" john mayer list.

View from the door

No idea why this is so dark....

Come back soon! Well, before August 18, because after that date it will be kinda jammed with adolescent musicians. Now, back to 3 more days of inservice....

Down Home and Bargains

The last time we met, I was leaving for a short sabbatical to my parents house. It was great! I helped mom in her classroom, got to relax a bit, and saw two old friends from HS over a great Mexican lunch! I should have thought to have my camera then.

I did have some mexican with my Mom one day in Dothan....La Parilla is a GREAT restaurant....these are the best chips I've ever eaten!

She did not really want her picture taken, but she'd just had a haircut so I figured to seize the moment :)

Just wanted to share a little ghetto slice of Southeast Alabama living with you all :)
I have found some GREAT bargains here at home the last week or so. Let me fill you in!

How much do I love monograms? Well, at Monograms Plus in Vestavia, they had a 75% off table....that was full of N's! All N's and Q's, actually. I got the clipboard and coozie above for $3.00 a piece. REALLY! That cutesy stuff is usually SO expensive. I was elated. And felt somehow much more southern....
I got this Auburn Car Flag at Wal-Mart in Alabaster.....on sale for $.80! These things are usually $10 or MORE so I was very proud. Wish the colors were reversed -- i'm more of a "orange is our secondary color" fan. Not that you would know that from my next picture....

This leather Nine West bag doesn't photograph well, but it was a steal at only $4.00! I hit Kohl's during tax-free weekend last Friday and only spent $18 bucks total (including this purse)...4 shirts and a purse for under $20?? Yes, please!