Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Down Home and Bargains

The last time we met, I was leaving for a short sabbatical to my parents house. It was great! I helped mom in her classroom, got to relax a bit, and saw two old friends from HS over a great Mexican lunch! I should have thought to have my camera then.

I did have some mexican with my Mom one day in Dothan....La Parilla is a GREAT restaurant....these are the best chips I've ever eaten!

She did not really want her picture taken, but she'd just had a haircut so I figured to seize the moment :)

Just wanted to share a little ghetto slice of Southeast Alabama living with you all :)
I have found some GREAT bargains here at home the last week or so. Let me fill you in!

How much do I love monograms? Well, at Monograms Plus in Vestavia, they had a 75% off table....that was full of N's! All N's and Q's, actually. I got the clipboard and coozie above for $3.00 a piece. REALLY! That cutesy stuff is usually SO expensive. I was elated. And felt somehow much more southern....
I got this Auburn Car Flag at Wal-Mart in Alabaster.....on sale for $.80! These things are usually $10 or MORE so I was very proud. Wish the colors were reversed -- i'm more of a "orange is our secondary color" fan. Not that you would know that from my next picture....

This leather Nine West bag doesn't photograph well, but it was a steal at only $4.00! I hit Kohl's during tax-free weekend last Friday and only spent $18 bucks total (including this purse)...4 shirts and a purse for under $20?? Yes, please!

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