Monday, September 29, 2008

The NFL and other things

It's only week 5 and espn and have already "predicted" that UA will be in the BCS Championship game.

I can't handle it! GAH! They do realize there are 13 total weeks to play, right?

In other football related news, I attended my first NFL game last weekend. K's cousin married Matt Schaub this year (who is the quarterback for the Houston Texans), so I went with his family to see them take on the Tennessee Titans at LP Field in downtown Nashville. Here are a few things I noticed about NFL Football games in general:

1. The demographic makeup of the "crowd" is disturbingly different from the makeup of collegiate spectators...mostly because of the lack of connection to a higher education institution. I'll just let that lie.

2. Everyone wears jerseys to watch the game. Everyone. We felt out of place in polos and jeans. We were obviously not true fans.

3. NFL is so made for TV it isn't funny. It's showy. It was meant to be, i understand this, but still. The atmosphere is eerie.

4. The crowd was quieter than I imagined during commercial breaks. It was like they all just stopped talking.

All that being said, it was a lot of fun to be there- I especially liked being able to go "behind the scenes" after the game and meet up with some more of K's fam and watch the team come out of the locker rooms all snazzed up in suits for post game stuff. Too bad the Texans lost. Maybe next time! K keeps up with all forms of football (even arena leauges) religiously, so I'm sure he'll let me know.

Also, I think that SNL should be paying Sarah Palin royalties for the great Tina Fey impressions that are boosting their ratings. Hirlarious! (but I do love Sarah).

More later..

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Friday, September 26, 2008

Meet Mr. O

I love him :)

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Hooray :)

I miss $0.99/gallon gas. Let's just start off with that.

Today is a big FOOTBALL FRIDAY here at school (or it will be when school starts in an hour), and to me its quite interesting to observe. My high school never really won any football games, and so school spirit was something that never really caught on. Sure, we all wanted to beat the seniors at the pep rallies, but that was about it. It's also hard to have much school spirit when you have devastatingly unacceptable facilities and a police-state mentality from the administrators...but I digress....Here at BCHS, the kids love football. They make it to state every year, have top notch facilities and the pep rallies are like nothing i've ever seen. Kids care, and it's strange!!!! Today is officially the first "dress up day" for homecoming (which is next week), so the kids could wear jungle/animal attire or either a school tshirt and jeans (which are usually banned). This goes for faculty too, and although i'd probably make a rockin' lion, I opted for the school t-shirt and jeans. Comfy!

I am swearing off going to see my college alma mater play any more football games. The three I have attended as an alumni, we have lost (Arkansas 2006, NMSU 2007, LSU 2008). This is very sad for me, as I love going back to that college town and reminiscing. However, for the good of the team and conference, I feel this personal decision must be made and adhered to. I will have to resort to merely supporting my team through the attire I wear, and watching the game on HD TV at KO's house (when it doesn't conflict with bammernation). I will accept your condolences in the form of email, card or personal check. OOooh, or cash.

Today was the first day I turned the heat on in my car. It wasn't for but a few seconds, but mark it down. Next milestones to watch for: first time to wear a jacket, first time to wear thick socks on purpose, first time to wear long sleeves during the middle of the day and be comfortable.

Ah, Alabama!

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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Things I love about Fall

There are a few things about Fall that make it my favorite season. Since the first official day of Fall was just this week, I thought i'd list a few!

1. Feeling that first chill of the breeze in the morning...

2. Seeing the leaves change (i'm officially an old person now!)

3. Going to high school and college football games

4. The days getting shorter (call me crazy, but I love seeing the sunlight inch closer and closer to being gone by 5 p.m.!)

5. Wearing long sleeves and jackets!

6. Thanksgiving

On a different note, what did people do before email and facebook? I am helping to throw/coordinate 3 different wedding showers this fall, and so much of it has been accomplished "virtually". It's amazing and so convienent to shoot ideas and options back and forth with ease, especially since for one of the showers, we all live in different towns, and even as far away as California. Yay technology!

I am up early, early 3 days a week for All-State Choir practice with the 30 or so students of mine who are auditioning for the select ensemble later in the fall. It is amazing to me how much easier it is to get to school when you're leaving the house at 6 a.m. vs 7:15 a.m., especially living in the area that I do. I always wanted to live in a bigger place, and while I've had that wish granted, I neglected to remember that this would also mean more traffic and longer lines for things (like my car tag renewal!!! thankfully when I moved, I moved just across county lines, so my new county is a tad bit more efficient).

Here's a thought: Crocs are ugly shoes. There is no good reason to wear them. Even in a garden or at the beach. In my life, I have found that plastic shoes in general are never desireable-whether you're looking for comfort or convienence. I first noticed Crocs when I did my internship in college and all my kindergarteners had them on, but it's to the point now where I keep a daily Croc count here at school, and so far, it's 9 pairs.

And it's only 12:30.....


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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Tuesday mornings

Welcome to my new blog, complete with individually designed layout! Perhaps since I have a snazzy new look, I'll be a bit more consistent with updating. Please visit the link to the left hand side of the blog to see Jennisa's blog design business. She was wonderful to work with, a preacher's wife, and lives in South Dakota, which holds a special place in my heart. Don't be in too much of a hurry to get a new design because she's very successful...i'd been on her waiting list for a design since JUNE! :)

The title of this blog is "Sequined Seafoam", which I pulled from the lyrics of a Jason Mraz is a little snippet:

The night
She brushed her hands upon my flushed cheek
Smelled of childhood remnants of a dusty weeping willow
Clouds soothe, Shredded by the calico
Were oh so vast and quick as I was on my own now
This time like every other time
I believe that I never find
Another sweet little girl with sequined sea foam eyes
Ocean lapping voice smile coy as the brightest quiet span of sky
And I'm all alone again tonight not again, not again, not again.

I liked the imagery there, and I have green eyes, so I thought it was great.

I felt the first little "gush" of Fall weather this morning as I walked outside to my car. It's coming! Hooray :) Off to get the day started...

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