Tuesday, June 30, 2009


I like the world eloquent.

It evokes imagery that I aspire to encompass in real life, but have not yet grasped. I find that most people I have met or know that I think of as eloquent really encompass all things patient, regal, and respected. .. don't those things sound grand?

Moving along....

Since I'm reading quite a bit this Summer thanks to Grad School, it is as if I find myself reacquainted with an old friend that I had long forgotten. We met at Mr. Pine's Purple House, which was the first book I read alone aloud. Reading was dead to me after undergrad, but I think I'm starting to re-kindle the fire, folks. Embarrassing to admit, yes. Not as embarrassing as my childhood habits of reading by flashlight under the covers, or scaring myself with Anne Frank stories late at night out of a Highlights magazine. Those exciting literary adventures can wait for explanation, I suppose!

Today is Tuesday, so I guess that's my "thoughtful" post. I promise to deliver more substance as soon as I can :)

Monday, June 29, 2009

My favorite MJ

Out of the 4 celebrities that have recently passed away (Farrah Fawcett, Michael Jackson, Ed McMahon, and Billy Mays), Michael Jackson's death impacted me the most. Perhaps because I am a musician by trade, and he was a very talented songwriter. Also, I find the tragedies in his personal life and story upsetting, yet intriguing. I can remember watching the prime time TV premiere of "Black and White", and also tuning in to catch the high tech "Scream" when it debuted on MTV. Further back- "Bad" was released around the time I was entering kindergarten, and I remember kids singing it in P.E. class. My parents are the same age as MJ was, and grew up listening to the Jackson 5 and later Michael. Anyway- this post is turning to mush, so here's a clip of my personal favorite Michael Jackson song.

(just for the record and so I don't sound disrespectful to the others who passed, I have never bought oxyclean, prefer David Letterman to the tonight show/never won publisher's clearing house, and the only Farrah Fawcett movie I've ever seen was "Man of the House" in 1994, and I only watched that for the Jonathan Taylor Thomas factor :))

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From: http://videogum.com/archives/reality-tv/the-first-promo-for-foxs-the-f_074792.html

This clip is from the upcoming FOX reality series, "More to Love" (previously, ACTUALLY titled, "The Fatchelor"). The initial focus was going to be on the overweight bachelor, but they have recruited only "curvy and confident" women to court this guy for whatever reason, and as a person who struggles with her weight- I'd rather not be made fun of. Society gives enough chances to poke fun at people who are overweight, do we really need a show that instead of helping these people LOSE weight, like Celebrity Fit Club and the Biggest Loser, just slaps some makeup on them, and lets them whine about it without working towards a goal (besides acceptance?) ? Ugh. I feel like as a whole, overweight women are taken advantage of much more so than men. Not enough time to elaborate anymore, but here's a funny comment from the website where I found the vid (watch it first):

Lest anyone thinks that the crazy-eyes crying chick who wails "I just don't want to be alone!" is sacrificing even a shred more dignity than a skinny Bachelor contestant, where ladies have been known to shout "My eggs are dying!," trust me, she's not.

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Not Me Monday

It was most definitely NOT ME who did not post a carnival entry as promised last friday. Oops.

Also, it was certainly NOT ME who woke up Sunday morning to an overheating car that was rattling away. It was definitely NOT ME who just got a phone call from the car repairman saying the bill will be almost $600.

I have no idea who it was, but it was NOT ME that just put out over $600 for a new set of tires just 3 weeks ago. Poor girl! Whoever that is will be having a T-I-G-H-T month of July!

It is NOT ME who is actually excited about weighing in at WW friday.

MOST IMPORTANTLY, it was NOT ME who has been excited to go home and visit her family for the 2nd time in 4 weeks this weekend. Not me, at all!

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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Out on the Town Thursday

If you know me at all, you will know that I am not shy about many things. I am especially fond of sharing good things i've had to eat lately, or food that has caught my attention, so to start out this edition of Out on the Town Thursday, I will begin with highlighting one of my favorite restaurants in Birmingham:

If you are a fan of DELICIOUS, GREASY, and INEXPENSIVE mexican food (and overusing caps lock, too, YES!), patios lit with cute lights (of COURSE) and enclosed during the cold months (How thoughtful!), then you will absolutely eat up (pun INTENDED!) the wonderfulness that is Rojo on Highland. One of my favorite things about Rojo is the location, close to downtown in a great neighborhood that has kept much of its original, vintage charm. Everything around it is dense, green and luscious (minus perhaps the laundromat next door), and I do recommend the mini-chicken nachos. Sour Cream, please, and no tomatoes.

Also, if you go for the name dropping sort of thing (You do? Well here I go!) Bob Dylan gave Rojo a shout out recently during a satellite radio interview, although I think he was praising the bar vs the food- but i'll use the compliment either way! Article found here. Also, in what could possibly be my favorite attribute of any restaurant- you can have a meal for $10 or less, and walk out with your very own styrofoam cup. Nothing says small victory quite like getting that extra diet coke for the road. (Am I the only one who gets giddy over to-go cups? Keith thinks i'm crazy.)

But dinner is really only half of my "out on the town" equation, folks. After a yummy supper at Rojo (or lunch, or brunch...i'll let the people decide), head on up to this next favorite locale of mine...

Vulcan Park

Now, as a Southeast Alabama native, the Vulcan statue was always a thing of mystery to me. Growing up, coming to Birmingham was an over 3 hour adventure that usually included a church bus, a quick trip to the galleria, and not much else. I had read about the statue in my snazzy Alabama History book in 4th grade, but had never actually been to visit it until I moved to the 'Ham myself.

If you're curious about the history and et cetera of this statue, I urge you to refer to the website linked above (or if you still have it, your own snazzy copy of the Alabama History textbook), as I am not your historian. I do know good views when I see em' though, and at night, especially- you just can't beat it!

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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Midterms already! Thoughtful Tuesday

I don't have loads of time to post today, but i'm sticking to my schedule :) Anyway- I have recently been enamored with this particular song by Hillsong United called "From the Inside Out". Listen and tell me if you don't dig it too!


A thousand times I've failed/Still Your mercy remains/And should I stumble again/I'm caught in Your grace/Everlasting/Your light will shine when all else fades/Never ending/Your glory goes beyond all fame/Your will above all else/My purpose remains/The art of losing myself/In bringing You praise/Everlasting/Your light will shine when all else fades/Never ending/Your glory goes beyond all fame/In my heart and my soul/Lord I give You control/Consume me from the inside out/Lord let justice and praise/Become my embrace/To love You from the inside out

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Monday, June 22, 2009

Not Me! Monday

It was most definitely NOT ME who has eaten 100 calorie packs of kettle corn for breakfast for the past 8 days. That would be disgusting!

Also, NOT ME who has had laundry piling up in not one but two hampers- saving it for the weekend to wash....and it's monday.

It certainly was NOT ME who guilted her boyfriend into taking her to see 'The Proposal' opening night after enduring the terminator movie a couple of weeks back and every man movie that was released during summer 08. That wouldn't be nice.

I don't know who it was, but it was NOT ME who spent 2 hours in target looking for picture frames, bought 2 of them, and returned them an hour later due to buyers remorse. That would be just silly.

I have no idea who this crazy person thought she was, but it was NOT ME who while changing in the locker room at my university's gym after doing some cardio, decided to sing and dance along with the music being piped in. It also NOT ME who didn't hear another gym patron enter the bathroom as I was performing. In my underwear. That wasn't me. It also was NOT ME who turned 1,000,000 shades of red and ran like a madwoman into the nearest stall.

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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Happy Father's Day!






I love you, Dad!

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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Computer Lab etiquette???

Often times my 1st class of the day gets out rather early. Our professor is very cool and if we've covered the material she wants, she lets us go. Also, (and on a much sadder note) her husband is having some big health problems so she's missed 2 days already of our 30 day minimester. That being said, on days like today when we get out at 2:10 (50 minutes early), I mosey on down to the computer lab here in the english building and make catch up on my blogs, facebook, and emails (because nothing says loser quite like being the mid 20s facebook checker in a college computer lab!)

Today, there seems to be a pre-college program on campus. Lots of teenagers, wearing the same color shirts are swarming campus (all with the same one-strap bookbag...like so:

While this is well and good- and i'm all for encouraging kids who might not go to college, to actually try and attend (i'm just taking a guess by the clothing, haircuts and accents...horrible I know- SUE ME!) by letting them take over a university campus for a few days-- it has severely cramped my computer lab style! Imagine my suprise when about 10 minutes after I sat down, about 30 teens and a teacher/instructor (all in lime green!) come in and proceed to start a Microsoft word 'class', complete with lecture, questions and "HEY, HEY! GET OFF OF BEBO!" speech. I'm assuming my dark brown shirt must blend into the wall or something, because the only other adult in the room (the teacher) hasn't noticed me. I just asked another UM student (probably an undergrad) who was sitting in front of me if we were supposed to leave or something. He looked up from espn.com long enough to mutter "I'm not leaving- I pay to go here." I like his logic, friends. But there is a hitch. I cannot handle being with teenagers and not being able to be in control of them. Like, you know, be their teacher. My Lisa-thompson-in-a-movie-theater-when-kids-are-talking-during-a-movie voice might just come out, and I really try to avoid that at all costs. Love you Mom.

The time has come where I cannot take whatever this is any longer, as the adult has left the room and I feel like I am now back at PVHS- except I cannot send anyone to the office or deduct points from their grade. Burping, talking on cell phones, and the likes....I think its time for me to go read ahead, or something. Thanks for the sign, big Guy!

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Skin and etc

Last night, I had a little impromptu girls night out with my friend Windy. She and I went over to a friend's house for an Arbonne party (very similar to Mary Kay...free facial, purse games, pitch the product, prizes, "set up in the other room" to sell). Windy and I were most excited about the free facial part. The first step of the process was to choose whether you wanted the clear, toner like facial or the thick mask. I have sensitive skin, and after researching a bit online before I went, I found out that Arbonne products are hypoallergenic (more on that later). This was great news! Anyway, I didn't really want a gooky-then-thick mask situation, and since she'd recommended the thicker mask for the teenagers there, I went with the clear, toner like facial solution.

The sweet hostess gave me a pump and I put it on. While we let things "set-in" she was going over the minerals, nurtrients, and great qualities of the facials. She said there was a spa in town that used the same products and charged $80 for what we were getting. I was happy to hear that. Suddenly, my face was on fire hot. I looked around the room, and no one else appeared to be in discomfort. I asked Windy, who was beside me, if her face burned. The way she was looking at me, I knew right then and there- I was having an allergic reaction to the gunk on my face. I asked the hostess if it should be burning-- she got really concerned and said "NO! go wash it off if its burning!!" I ran to the kitchen sink and with a bathcloth, scrubbed my face clean. It was still burning. I looked in a mirror and my face was the color of a tomato. Later in the evening, small welts began to appear! Thankfully, after another wash off and some benydryl, I appear to have made a recovery. I felt really bad to disprove this hypoallergenic claim, but I suppose someone has to bust out of the control group with a reaction....? This is not to say that Arbonne makes bad product- they actually have good eczema lotion and some after sun stuff that I would have bought if it werent $45. Next time, I will test a little spot before slathering up. Sigh- to have normal, able to tan, freckle free skin! (as an aside- NEVER google image search the word "skin", because I am permanently scarred. People have some freaky pictures of skin problems out there!)
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Please visit and pray for Franklin!


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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Weekend at home so far :)

My sweet parents!

My sweet Keith! :)

After church and mexican food, we can both appear pretty happy!

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Friday, June 12, 2009

New school, Crazies, and diet sprite

Those three words pretty much sum up the last week for me. I'll do this in list form, cause we all know how I love the lists.

1. New School- Ok, y'all. I love being back in school again. I love taking graduate level classes. I even love feeling like the smartest person in the 200 level class I have to take as a prerequisite. I love that its only 14 miles to campus, I love that the facilities are super nice, I love that I can use the gym, heck- even the Subway restaurant here is better than the one by my house. Call it a honeymoon period if you like- but it's lookin' like the real thing. L-O-V-E.

2. Crazies- I won't go into lots of detail but if you'd like to know the kind of crazies that are lurking blogger, please click (here). I will say that I had been to Beccah's blog many times, found it as a sidebar on another blog asking for prayer, but I never understood the need for her anonymity. When I saw that she had a P.O. Box listed for "cards and letters" (aka donations, please) and listed adverts on her site- it made me feel all green inside. I was fortunate enough to catch her last few posts before she disappeared (after a fake birth and trying to pass pics of a babydoll off as her newborn child) and buddy, the aftermath that followed has been like a real life, Nancy Grace phenomenon-- online. Thousands of people were duped by her, and some even sent money!! See (here), (here) and finally, my favorite response (here). I can't look away....who fakes a pregnancy under the guise of christendom and charity? Ugh.

3. Diet Sprite- is sold all over campus. Other than sonic, I usually have a hard time finding it. I am thankful, readers. Very thankful.

Speaking of class, I have one momentarily, so I bid you farewell. Headed to the parent's with the boy this weekend!!!

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Sunday, June 7, 2009

The perfect Summer

I longed for summer break. I ached deep down in my post-it laden, pass writing, piano playing, music teacher heart for a reprieve from the grind. On May 22, I got my wish.

And the angels sang.

But seriously, I have really enjoyed my time off. I have gone on a road trip, babysat, slept, organized, cleaned, watched TV, drank wayyy too much diet sprite (which, face it- I woulda done anyway!), and had lots of 'me' time. However- I am a creature of habit, and therefore I know......I'm over it. Already. How pitiful am I? Thankfully- I start grad school Tuesday (technically tomorrow). The itch has set it- I am ready to be on to other things. I can't WAIT to be that weird older girl in class. YES!

In other news...I cannot resist christmas wrap/decor on sale more than 50% off. It's a fact. Today, I bought 30 items from a Tuesday Morning clearance sale....for less than $15 total expenditure. I thought about documenting them all with photos- but then I remembered it was summer still and I'm "off."

Well, since i'm chock out of interesting- hows about a little circa 1991 action for your viewing pleasure? More to come after I re-enter the world of higher education!

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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Blog of mine

HellO! It's been a few days. I have not forgotten you. I have attempted tp update you about 5 times, get about 1/3 rd of the way into an entry and then lose my mojo. It's crazy. I am hoping I will have more to share and blog about after I start grad school next week. Until then- I will leave you with 2 thoughts..

1. Why is there a W beside the number on shoes (like 9W) and it means wide? However, I buy clothes that say W after the number (16W) and it means women's. Insulting much? I'm workin' on it (down 14.2!)

2. I suddenly am enamored with all things monogrammed. I believe this will only worsen when Keith and I become engaged and I can start getting things with 3 initials (I don't have a middle name.) I bought this (Portfolio with legal pad inside) out in Nashville last weekend at Opry Mills and my current favorite thing to do is stare at it and open and close it. I am excited about figuring a time I can use it. Right now I'm thinking I can use it to take notes in class and let everyone know at least one thing about me... my first initial! Natasha? Nicole? Nancy? you decide!

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