Monday, November 3, 2008


I made it!

The surgery was not so bad-- Dr. Sciacca is amazing. Endoscopic surgery is so the way to go. I had little swelling or bruising, but lots of soreness. Actually, I had my stitches in my sinuses out today and that has hurt the most of anything during the whole ordeal! Go figure. My pain meds also kinda counteracted with steroid drip they had me on during my 2 hours of surgery, so I didn't sleep much at first, but I definitely stayed home and healed last week. I already feel like I breathe easier, and though it will be about 3 weeks til i'm 100% normal, I am very thankful to be progressing like I am! My mom was a sweet nurse, and my Keith was amazing as usual. By my side and helpful. I have zero complaints! If only all surgeries could progress like mine with such great helpers...we'd all be peachy!

I am in a wedding Saturday back in my hometown, and Friday my sister drove me to pick up the bridesmaids dress...that i'd never laid eyes on (just called in the measurements!). It fits so nice, and I was nervous about a two piece dress, but it's just wonderful. Here's a skinny person modeling it (and the cute shoes!) below:
I am also singing in this wedding and my mom is the pianist! This is not the first, and probably not the last time that this has happened. That's being from a small town for you!

Speaking of weddings, I attended the ceremony of one of my oldest friends on Saturday (my first post-surgery event). It was bittersweet, as her father is terminally ill. It was a beautiful day, though, and I got to see lots of old friends. Here's a shot of my best friend Cassi and I (with our respective gentlemen friends :)...she and Justin will be married Jan. 31!)

My kids were super excited to see me back at school today...and I was excited to see them. 25 days til Christmas, only one month until our trip to Disney, and 5 weeks til the semester end concert. I just need to make it til then!

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