Tuesday, March 3, 2009

My life's soundtrack

In class yesterday, I had my students fill this out with their "life's soundtracks". I am going to make my seniors a CD of their answers for graduation. Got me thinking though....Here are mine! if you haven't heard of a song or artist here, I encourage you to look 'em up! let me hear yours too!

-Opening Credits: Hide and Seek by Imogen Heap

-Waking Up: Beautiful Day by U2

-First Love: When I fall by Barenaked Ladies

-Fight Scene: Never Again- Kelly Clarkson

-Breaking Up: Look after you by The Fray

-Make Up: Back to You by John Mayer

-Secret Love: Neon by John Mayer

-Life's OK: New Soul by Yael, Born to Fly by Sara Evans

-Mental Breakdown: Gravity by Sara Barellies

-Driving Scene: Love Shack by B52's

-Flashback to youth: Granpa by the Judds

-Regretting: Tracing by John Mayer

-Long Night Alone: Let Him Fly by the Dixie Chicks

-Death Scene: He's always been faithful by Sara Groves

-End Credits: 100 years by Five for Fighting

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