Monday, March 9, 2009

Shall we dance?

This weekend, I got the pleasure of chaperoning the "Spring Fling" at school. It is a Sadie Hawkins type dance where the girls ask the boys (similar to Christmas Ball at CHS). I didn't really know what to think or expect, but let me tell you- I think I had as much fun reminiscing and remembering as the kids did dancing. Working in a high school can be a numbing, disappointing experience if you let it-- however, i'm blessed to be in an enviornment that is simply unparalleled, even at the dances!

This dance was different in lots of ways from what I knew; no rap, no 'booty dancing', no scandalous dresses...but the excitement that the girls and guys had really radiated throughout the place. It was genuinely FUN. I remember getting all dolled up, waiting for my date to knock on the door (and making my Dad answer it, even if I was ready) and the butterflies that accompanied it all. Going out to eat, riding in a limo, or a parent's borrowed car, and getting to the dance seeing all your friends and their really don't appreciate the simplicity of only having to worry about your hair and makeup until you are a true grown up I guess. That being said, I really have great "dance" memories. Beneath the twinkling lights of the junior high gym Saturday, I started thinking about my favorites. Here's a sampling:

1. I remember wanting Jerrod to ask me to homecoming 9th grade year, and how nervous he seemed, fumbling with his trombone case while walking me to class before he actually popped the question. I said yes, of course. this led to 3 more years of "perma dates" with Mr. Bowman (3 christmas balls, 2 homecomings)

2. I remember getting ready for prom senior year and how exciting it was to be going in a LIMO! Meeting Julie and Brady and everyone at the civic center was simply amazing.

3. I remember how nervous I was on the rare occasions I went to dances with boys I didn't know well...and how much more fun I had going to dances with friends like Matt and Jerrod.

4. I remember waiting in the picture line with Doug at all the dances senior year, commenting on everyones attire and not knowing how soon everything and everyone in that room would slip away.

5. I remember slow dancing- I remember my first slow dance (Aaron Blankenship in the 7th grade) and getting ready for middle school dances with Abigail listening to Montell Jordan. HA!

Anyway, I just thought i'd post a little nostalgia. I hope that the kids who were at the dance saturday know just how good they have it- and how much better it will become. The twinkling lights seem a bit softer with age.

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