Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Way Back Whensday

For 3 summers during my undergraduate years at college (2003, 2004, 2005), I worked in South Dakota. How does a girl from Alabama get hooked up with a job 1600 miles from home? Well, after staying home the summer after my freshman year, working at a daycare where I got pink eye, and wanting to do something unique, I went to I didn't really want to work in a national park, per se, because the pay there isn't anything to write home about....but I did end up finding the place I would call home for 9 months out of my life....WALL DRUG STORE! Thousands of tourists every day came to our store, which is on the lonely road to Mt. Rushmore in Western SD. I got to live there for very cheap, with lots of fun college girls my age, meet fellow employees from around the country, earn some money, and basically have the time of my life.

Let's take a peek back in time!

The family came out to visit me the 2nd summer I worked! Mt. Rushmore was about an hour away, so we took a trip! (I have probably been to the "Mt." 10 times!)

Homeade signs are every where in the store

This was my job for three summers....MAKING FUDGE! Usually, we had to wear a gingham shirt/jean skirt duo uniform, but this was my last day so I got to wear regular clothes. Can't you tell I was a good candy maker?

The scenery was amazing...I lived a mile from Badlands National Park

But there were crazy grasslands all around, too.

The little town of Wall (pop. 400) was pretty at night.

I made this and taped it to the counter in my store...people kept asking!!! (Not about the last one;))

This is actually along the side of I-90 near Rapid City...Wall Drug is famous for it's roadside signs that lure people in for free ice water, and in this picture, the country store (where I worked and made fudge!)

The place has a great history and is very quirky...if you've never heard of it, you should really check it out. You won't be disappointed!


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