Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Excuses, excuses...

I could compose a whole, well-thought out bullet point list to detail just exactly where i've been and what i've been doing that is SO important that I have neglected my blog.....but I'm sure you can probably surmise. Work, School, Sleep- REPEAT! Seriously- if you've seen my life, please let me know (and tell it to wait for me).

Instead of excuses, here's a bullet point of some random observations over the last few weeks.
  • How about that Auburn offense? I think there were more points scored in the first game vs. LA Tech than all last season combined. Keep it up, Tigers!
  • The one item I simply despise purchasing: Gas. Why can't cars just run on love and diet coke (kinda like me!)
  • I could probably go to bed at 8pm each night. Some nights, I do.
  • My back hurts.

How informative am I? I don't know when my blog mojo will reappear- but until then.....

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