Thursday, September 17, 2009

Let's just put a few things out there:

I am not a fan of Dirty Dancing. I think it's weird that a character's name was Baby and I don't care about putting her in a corner, one way or the other. While I am sad for the family of Mr. Swayze and hope he knew the Lord, I think its a little overboard that the national news chose to spend 3 full minutes covering him the night of his death.

I think it's sad that people my age (and older) still watch the VMA's. I admit, I like to listen to the radio, and I keep up with the names of artists and such- but award shows, especially anything MTV would produce? No thanks. I'm a grown up. I'm sorry that Kanye West was a rude drunk, but life happens- and I don't think it merited national news coverage.

I have metioned this previously, but I do not watch "Glee". I live high school musical drama every day- no need to fill my nights with hollywood's latest manifestation.

Okay- now that the negative is over, let's move on. I am loving grad school this semester. I love being back in classes and remembering how to use my brain again! I fear that given the opportunity- I could be one of those people who is in school forever....maybe even getting my Ed.S certification one day??

My school is participating in a new trend called Curriculum Mapping, which I actually am beginning to like as well. Instead of "lesson plans", you actually map out what you DID (post not pre) during a month- it's neat and I like it. And I'm apparently running out of adjectives that are not monosyllabic.
Since I just bashed some TV I'll let you know what I am excited about on the small screen:

Now that's Must see TV!

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