Monday, October 5, 2009


I have a few "praise" items (I feel like i'm in 6th grade sunday school..."Any praise items this week?" Ya know, so we don't sound so greedy with the prayer requests) so, I'll share them in a bulleted list. I know you love it when I get lazy and do this.

  • Keith got re-hired at Wells Fargo! He starts his first full week today. After 3 months of interview elsewhere, and hundreds of applications, It was totally unexpected and totally a miracle. We are really thankful.
  • I have had to cut my couponing (pun INTENDED!) to once a month (this does make sense since I only get paid once a month)...but this weekend was AWESOME! I had $7 ECB's from CVS, and I bought $30 worth of stuff FOR FREE (used coupons, too), and got $10 back in ECBS's. So basically I got paid $3 to buy $30 worth of laundry detergent, diet mtn dew, allergy medicine, and toilet paper. I heart CVS, so- SO much. I meant to take pictures...but yeah.
  • This is a 4 day week for me. Teacher Workday Friday...possibly the best combination of words God ever invented (besides, "That's one Large Diet Coke?" that I oft hear thru the drive-thru window..)
  • 7 of my friends from high school are planning a Girls Weekend for this summer. I am really excited about that, since there are a couple I havent seen in years, or since their weddings.
  • My grandmother turns 80 this weekend and I will be joining the entirety of my mom's side of the family in Andalusia for a big to-do @ the First Baptist Church. I kid you not! I can't wait to see everyone and to honor such a fun and fine lady....:)

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