Monday, October 19, 2009

November 17th

Will be one of the greatest days in recent history....

John Mayer
Battle Studies

"Battle Studies" is slated to come out across United States on November 17. Led by single "Who Says", the effort is described as "observations and a little bit of advice on relationships ... kind of like a heartbreak handbook".

Though I am no longer a victim of heartbreak- John Mayer is my all time favorite artist. I love the visuals he creates and the timbre of his voice. I am SO FREAKING EXCITED. What, might you ask, are my favorite JM songs? Let me elaborate.

3x5 is a song about memories and the future...

In Repair was my anthem for a very long time. I love the organ at the beginning!

Slow Dancing in a Burning Room captures all the emotions of a love going wrong...and neither person knowing what to do.

Tracing is a brilliant song with great phrasing.

I'm trying to reconcile a favorite among these and I just can't. That's how much these songs mean to me...I think everyone has an artist whos songs are like a soundtrack for their lives....well, John is mine.

I also recommend:
City Love
St. Patrick's Day
Back To You
Split Screen Sadness.

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