Wednesday, February 24, 2010

108 days.....

I cannot believe we are almost at the 100 day mark........WOW!

Lots to say! Keith and I had a fun trip to Ozark this weekend: Tasted some cakes, met with our FABULOUS photographer (Shoutout to and took a side trip to see my sweet grandmother in Andalusia. She was the last family member to have not seen my ring in person, so we made the 120 or so mile round trip Saturday night with Mom and Dad. SO fun! We have our engagement photos over my Spring Break...I am so pumped for that!

We both got a horrific stomach bug upon our return Sunday night, and missed a couple of days of work this week. I am feeling much more steady today, thankfully- though I still don't really want much along the lines of solid food. Guess tonight at Weight Watchers will be a good one! (silver linings....right?)

Keith and I have a place to LIVE! He moves in as of March 2nd, and i'll follow after the big day :) It's in Hayesbury in Pelham (Yes, Kelly!), 2 br, 2 ba, cute little backyard, garage, washer/ get the picture. Perfect for what we need, and improving our commutes to work by ALOT. Commutes to anywhere, really (I will never live in Helena again.) I have been really bad about taking pictures, but as I help move him in next week, I'll try and document. We bought our first little batch of furniture this past week (Sofa, Barstools, new TV Cabinet) so it's going to be great to have somewhere to PUT it after us both living in other people's homes for the past 3 years (props to some great 'landlords', though!)

Lunch break is over, but I will be updating a little sooner next time...hopefully with pictures :)

OH! and congrats to my cousin Emily and her NEW fiance, Billy!!! They were engaged on Valentines day, and will be married July 31st in Huntsville. My grandfather would be SUPER proud to know that 2 of his 3 granddaughters are getting married in the same summer :)


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