Tuesday, February 2, 2010


I can't believe it's been almost 4 weeks since my last post! Where has the time gone? For me, it's been a whirlwind- I have a feeling that June 12 will be here much faster than I originally anticipated...which is MOSTLY a good thing :) Here are somethings we've gotten done in the last month or so:
  • HONEYMOON IS BOOKED! We will be spending 5 days and 4 nights at the Royal Cancun resort on the Mexican Riviera! I am super excited about spending a whole "week" doing absolutely nothing :) I am now on the hunt for a swimsuit...GULP!
  • Save the Dates are addressed and mailed...just putting the address/return address labels on those babies took Keith and I the better part of a whole evening. 
  • Wedding Dress purchased :) No details, sorry- but trust me when I say, I knew it was the one when I saw it!
  • Rooms reserved for our out of town family
  • Appointments set for meetings with the photographer, cake artist and florist over President's Day weekend to finalize plans 
  • Master Thompson/Owens invite list finalized...that was a huge task! Kudos to my mom (Lisa) and Keith's mom (Donna) for their hard work :)
  • Caterer booked for the reception
  • Invitations ordered
  • Napkins (embossed) ordered for the reception
  • there is probably much more but I am frankly pretty tired at this point!
Awkward wedding moment: Keith and I used whitepages.com to help supplement our address lists when we couldn't put our finger on a specific address for a save the date. Our friend Robert lives in Trussville, and when we plugged in his name and T'ville into whitepages, one address popped up, so we figured it had to be his. We sent the save the date without another thought.

Fast forward about 10 days; my mom calls and tells me that a mysterious envelope has surfaced through the mail, addressed to me, but with a return address in Trusville. She opens and reads it to me over the phone- and my heart broke in a million pieces...it turns out our friend Robert has the same name (first and last) as another gentlemen....who has been dead since 1988. His poor, sweet wife had written a short note saying that she'd received the save the date, but "My husband Robert's been gone for years...and I miss him so." She wished us well in our marriage but I could have literally crawled in a hole and died. How horrible I felt! AWKWARD! Anyway, moral of the story: whitepages is not fool proof!!

And now, on to another day at school and work. No rest for the weary!

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