Monday, March 22, 2010

Spring Break ?

pring Break has come and gone, folks- but that's okay by me. I enjoyed my time in Oz with the family, getting lots of wedding related issues handled, and taking our engagement pics with Mrs. Darley (i'll post some when I have them!) in Downtown Dothan. It was a really fast week, but isn't that how it always goes.

So pretty- downtown Dothan near where K and I had our engagement pics taken.

Lorilyn was home for most of the break, too. On Tuesday we met up with Grammy to help her shop for a grandmother of the bride dress....

The sweet lady with my gorgeous grandmother is the owner of  a "ladies shop", Leon's Ladies Fashions, in  downtown Enterprise. She and my mom were best friends in college at Montevallo, and Mrs. Linda helps Grammy pick the best outfits for every occasion. (Just fyi, Grammy is not sporting anything from Leon's in this picture....they actually do match their clothing!) It is truly a personal shopping experience for Gram when she goes to Leon's....Linda had a dressing room waiting with outfits all picked out for her to try.  Lorilyn and I even found some cute things from jewelry and accessories to tops. It was a fun afternoon by the boll weevil :)

I am on a bit of an emotional rollercoaster with the wedding, downs, laughs, tears- I experience them all, every day! God knew what He was doing matching me with Keith- he is so patient!! He came down Thursday night for our pics Friday...we had such a good time hanging out together in the Wiregrass. Ozark makes me very sleepy, but it's all good.

 On Sunday after church, we met up with my cousin, Eric. He is a freshman at Troy, so we met up at Sister's.....which is not very diet friendly, but I tried! HA! Here's a little group picture (maybe one day I will learn to sit up straight....) Mom, Keith, Me, Lorilyn and Eric (Dad behind camera)

Sorry about the blink, Dad. (Dad, Eric and Lo...with some ridiculous sunglasses.)

I have 8 more weeks left of work until I'm done for the year. It has been a super fast year....I don't really know why, but it has been a good one. Can't believe I will start my 5th year of teaching in the fall, and my 4th year at Briarwood. Wow. Grad school has been frustrating this professor who makes his class much harder than necessary and one professor who is so flighty I don't think she even knows any of our names. And there are only 10 of us. I am tired of giving my Monday and Tuesday nights to Montevallo :( It will be worth it when my paycheck increases, though!

For the first time since I was 18, I will be moving home at the end of May. Yes, home to Ozark. Thankfully for everyone involved, it will just be until June 12th!! All my "stuff" will already be at Keith's, so it'll basically be like i'm on an extended Oz. HA!

My first shower is coming up next weekend- I'm ecstatic. I can't wait to see everyone and let people know how much I appreciate their love and support for Keith and I. It's finally becoming.....real!

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