Tuesday, March 2, 2010

y'all, seriously.

I am the quintessential example of a sad, sad, southerner who knows not what a real wintry snow is like. Every time the weatherman here gets the "S" word in his vocabulary, I get giddy. I follow the most accurate (in my opinion) forecasters tweets and blog, searching for a glimpse of hope during the winter months. This comes from 27 years of life lived with very little substantial snowfall. What people in Birmingham refer to as "The Blizzard of '93" was only the "ice storm" to those of us near the Florida panhandle. On my 6th birthday, as my Mom was pregnant with my baby sister and Christmas was 3 days away, enough snow fell to play with during the morning, but then melted by dinner. That's my previous experience with the stuff. Living in Birmingham the past 4 years, I have thankfully not ALWAYS been disappointed, as I was during my youth in South Alabama. It has at least dusted the ground once a winter since i've been in the area.

For the past 6 days I have been hearing, "maybe snow Tuesday.....". I checked my phone compulsively for the alert from my employer telling me to stay home safe in my bed from the moment school was released last night, so you can imagine my disdain when I peeked out of my blinds in the wee, small, teacher hours of the morning and saw only drizzly, cold rain.

Oh, the injustice of it all.

Now that my whining is over, let's see how the wedding checklist is coming along....
  • I have a teacher-friend here at school who owns a stationary business and has agreed to print and design my wedding programs...it will be great to work on these with someone I can see everyday....she does awesome design and printing work- check Holly out at http://www.papercutsdesign.com/
  • This alleviates my run around with Michael's craft store. I have purchased a "print yourself" set (try 5 sets of 40) of programs which then ended up being not big enough for all I want to include...and then I remembered I threw the reciept away. Word to the wise, when returning $150 worth of anything to Michael's without a reciept, they will gladly accept the return......and take 20% off of the total that you originally spent with them. Sad day.
  • I am very blessed and proud to have several bridal showers scheduled...in fact, each weekend of April is booked and even a couple in May...Now, the real question is what in the world am I going to wear? I am on the lookout for sale stuff as we speak.
  • I have thrououghly enjoyed buying flower girl and ring bearer gifts. I got dumb stuff like a locket when I was a flower girl, so I'm trying to think of the children. Really, I am.
  • I'm wondering about a little spray tannage for the wedding. Please note the picture below:
I am the ghost/ghoblin hovering in the background. No, I am not a vampire, I do not shimmer in the sunlight but would perhaps use this picture as motivation look a bit more lifelike at my own wedding. Sorry Lily. Also, I plan to wear heels that I actually keep on my feet. Long story. Tall Heels. Oh, look- students. Time to cut this short....


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