Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Monogram Shower

My very first shower was amazing :) I have always been known in my group of friends as "the one without a middle name", so getting married meant finally getting that elusive third initial! Following this theme, several of my high school friends threw a Monogram shower for me on April 3. This shower was like a mini high school reunion.....and I loved every minute of it :)

Especially this gourmet cake made by my talented friend, Rebecca! Of course, there was lots of great food- it's a shower after all!

Candid Camera!

My sweet flower girl, Emmi was there- and I was so happy to see her. Notice the beautiful arrangement behind me that her momma (and my friend!) Windy made :)

 My sweet Mother and Grammy came, too :)

Keith's mom Donna and his sister Amy vistited Ozark for the shower- It's not a short trip so I was really glad that they were able to be there!

Mom, Grammy, Me and Lorilyn

 Miranda and Lorilyn after the "make a toilet paper bridal gown" game :) Miranda won!

The AMAZING spread! I have wonderful friends!

Two of my favorite people- Marissa and Amy!

 The purse game is always fun! Windy did a great job with this game!

Sometimes candid pictures are the best. These girls are my oldest and truest friends! It was so fun to transport out of everyday for a while and visit....

All us Ozark Girls (minus Sameka, who left before we took the picture :( ) it's like a class of 2001 Bonanza! It was a beautiful shower- and I couldn't ask for anything more. Thanks again, Ladies- you are all so special to me!

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