Saturday, January 9, 2010

Registry Recap!

One of the coolest things Keith and I have gotten to do during these first few weeks of engagement has been to set up our registries! Technology is a great thing, and I know Keith, especially, has enjoyed the stores that provide you with a scanning "gun". Here's a little recap of our experiences:

Macy's- Keith and I went to Macy's at Brookwood Mall. We had a great registry "helper" who made picking china and flatware a pleasant and non-stressful event. We cross referenced our fine china and everyday at Dillards, since my family and hometown friends have access to Macy's online via online.

Bed Bath and Beyond- We probably picked a bad time to register here- the Saturday before Christmas. The BBB in Alabaster was SOOOO busy, and lots of stuff was out of stock. We ended up going back and editing/revising stuff online because the store was absolutely crazy! We registered for all of our bedding, linens and casual serveware here.

Target: This was by far the easiest experience we had. Walk in, get scanner, scan, return scanner and leave. I know alot of people don't register here because of their return policy (you HAVE to have a gift reciept for returns or exchanges), but I just like Target. It is aesthetically pleasing to me :) We went on a Thursday night after work and it was the first place we registered. We ended up registering for all of our Kitchen appliances and gadgetry and a few home decor items here. Keith thought it was hilarious that he scanned some random items like 20 oz diet cokes and a $1500 big screen TV when I wasn't looking. I definitely edited those right off when we got home :)

Home Depot: This was the most disappointing part of our registry tour. They do not use a scanner system, so I had to follow Keith around with a pen and paper, writing down SKU's and model numbers. NO FUN. We didn't know this until we finished, but there is no online registry link for Home Depot- and this seemed a little weird to us. We were able to register for some basic tool/lawn/garden needs and Keith had a great time regardless of the weirdness regarding the lack of online linkage.

We start our churches Marriage Prep Sunday School class tomorrow morning! I have been waiting for this day forever it seems :) When we were dating, I used to point out to Keith whenever we saw this signs around church or whenever it was in the bulletin. He would just wink and laugh- and tell me it would come in time. Well, it's time! WHOO HOO! Just one of those things that makes it even MORE real!

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