Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Roadtrips and Shopping!

Tonight, Keith and I bought our very first Christmas Tree (for next year, of course!) on 50% off clearance at Target. It's the tree pictured above (6 foot Colorado pine) but ours is not pre-lit like the one in the picture. We both have collections of lights already to string around it! Thanks to some smart shopping (and partial use of a Target gift card from my Aunt), we got this tree FOR FREE, along with some ornaments and a 20 gallon rubbermaid for extra christmas storage, too. FOR FREEEEEE. WHOO HOO! Thanks, Aunt Lynn and Target clearance!

Keith was a trooper, because after Target we hit up Tuesday Morning (all clearance and Christmas was an additional 50% off) where I got some pretty Christmas coasters and 400 sheets of gorgeous, thick tissue paper for the holidays for $0.89!!!!

Then, we headed to Big Lots, where I concluded today's bargain hunting with my 75% off snag of 20 christmas gift bags of all sizes. I spent $4.00. It was awesome. I did that this past year, and it sure saved a LOT of headache just having all the Christmas wrap and bags ready to use versus braving the stores and high prices. Keith despises Hobby Lobby, so I will head there tomorrow where hopefully I will finish up any decor shopping. I love love love love Christmas, but the last couple of years, I have been renting from friends, and have not had a true living area/kitchen/etc of my own to decorate. When I last lived in an apartment, I just didn't have the "bug" when it came to all that.

Earlier today, I traveled to Huntsville to pick my Mimi up for a trip home to see my parents. I met my Dad back in Shelby County for them to finish the final leg back to Ozark. It was so nice to spend some one on one time with her and help my Dad out, too. It is not a short trip from O-town to Huntsville...basically coming from the AL/FL line and traveling to the AL/TN line! I am about half way, so I was happy to oblige.

Other than this, not much to report. Back to work January 4th, and then grad school starts back January 11. Thankfully, I survived taking 4 classes this past semester, and came out with 3 A's and a B (my first grad school B *tear*) I am taking 3 classes in Spring Term- ENG 527 (Contemporary Latino/a Literature),  EDF 601 (Ed. Psyc for Secondary) and EDF 620 (Social and Multicultural Foundations)...I only have classes on Monday and Tuesday each week....YAY!!!!

Also, I got my snazzy new Alabama Teaching Certificate, listing bachelor level qualifications in Music Ed AND my new Language Arts Ed from taking and passing the Praxis II in my new content area. I will have the Master's degree in Languag Arts Education and new certificate to prove it by this time next year. Hopefully, the class they are thinking of offering in the Summer becomes reality....if not, I would have to take this class in fall 2010, thus pushing back graduation from August to December. I prefer sooner rather than later!

More later....Happy New Year!

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