Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Things I love about Fall

There are a few things about Fall that make it my favorite season. Since the first official day of Fall was just this week, I thought i'd list a few!

1. Feeling that first chill of the breeze in the morning...

2. Seeing the leaves change (i'm officially an old person now!)

3. Going to high school and college football games

4. The days getting shorter (call me crazy, but I love seeing the sunlight inch closer and closer to being gone by 5 p.m.!)

5. Wearing long sleeves and jackets!

6. Thanksgiving

On a different note, what did people do before email and facebook? I am helping to throw/coordinate 3 different wedding showers this fall, and so much of it has been accomplished "virtually". It's amazing and so convienent to shoot ideas and options back and forth with ease, especially since for one of the showers, we all live in different towns, and even as far away as California. Yay technology!

I am up early, early 3 days a week for All-State Choir practice with the 30 or so students of mine who are auditioning for the select ensemble later in the fall. It is amazing to me how much easier it is to get to school when you're leaving the house at 6 a.m. vs 7:15 a.m., especially living in the area that I do. I always wanted to live in a bigger place, and while I've had that wish granted, I neglected to remember that this would also mean more traffic and longer lines for things (like my car tag renewal!!! thankfully when I moved, I moved just across county lines, so my new county is a tad bit more efficient).

Here's a thought: Crocs are ugly shoes. There is no good reason to wear them. Even in a garden or at the beach. In my life, I have found that plastic shoes in general are never desireable-whether you're looking for comfort or convienence. I first noticed Crocs when I did my internship in college and all my kindergarteners had them on, but it's to the point now where I keep a daily Croc count here at school, and so far, it's 9 pairs.

And it's only 12:30.....


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