Monday, September 29, 2008

The NFL and other things

It's only week 5 and espn and have already "predicted" that UA will be in the BCS Championship game.

I can't handle it! GAH! They do realize there are 13 total weeks to play, right?

In other football related news, I attended my first NFL game last weekend. K's cousin married Matt Schaub this year (who is the quarterback for the Houston Texans), so I went with his family to see them take on the Tennessee Titans at LP Field in downtown Nashville. Here are a few things I noticed about NFL Football games in general:

1. The demographic makeup of the "crowd" is disturbingly different from the makeup of collegiate spectators...mostly because of the lack of connection to a higher education institution. I'll just let that lie.

2. Everyone wears jerseys to watch the game. Everyone. We felt out of place in polos and jeans. We were obviously not true fans.

3. NFL is so made for TV it isn't funny. It's showy. It was meant to be, i understand this, but still. The atmosphere is eerie.

4. The crowd was quieter than I imagined during commercial breaks. It was like they all just stopped talking.

All that being said, it was a lot of fun to be there- I especially liked being able to go "behind the scenes" after the game and meet up with some more of K's fam and watch the team come out of the locker rooms all snazzed up in suits for post game stuff. Too bad the Texans lost. Maybe next time! K keeps up with all forms of football (even arena leauges) religiously, so I'm sure he'll let me know.

Also, I think that SNL should be paying Sarah Palin royalties for the great Tina Fey impressions that are boosting their ratings. Hirlarious! (but I do love Sarah).

More later..

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