Wednesday, December 23, 2009


I have been a TOTAL slacker when it comes to this blog the last week or so. This is not because I have been slacking in all aspects of my life; quite the contrary! In the past week, lots and lots and lots of decisions re: the wedding have been made, and I'll share with you a little peek into what's been goin' down (i'm so hip).

1. Bridesmaid Dresses/Flowers/Shoes PICKED! My home church where the wedding will be held has RED carpeting and pews. RED. Not maroon, not crimson, CHRISTMAS RED. However, I'm getting married in June. This totally eliminates lots of color schemes and palattes for wardrobe (no hot pink, no yellow, no orange, no navy blue to avoid being too over the top patriotic!). I always envisioned marrying in the Fall, and my favorite colors are dark, so I tried to pick wedding colors that I liked but would also go with the church.

So, here it is- my colors are Mocha (as the dress) and Champagne- I felt this was super neutral, but pretty.

The bridesmaids will be carrying a single lily vs a bouquet, much like this:

I think the green will really be focal against the mocha color. :)

Shoes are below. I never thought i'd be one of those brides who wanted a certain shoe, but then again, I never thought i'd have a wedding in the hot season with tea length dresses! It's all new people, all new. These are SUPER cheap on Zappos, so I think all my maids will still be on speaking terms with me after dress and shoe costs combined!
2. Photographer- My dear friend Windy's mother is a very talented photographer in the Dothan area. I was super excited when we found out she was free June 12th to photograph our big day. We got put on her calendar today, officially, and I couldn't be happer. Check out T. Darley Photography online to see her awesome portfolio. Not long till we get our engagement shots done!!

3. Music- Being a music major and music teacher, you'd think I'd want my wedding to be chock full of tunes, but in fact, it's quite the opposite. Keith and I are lucky to have a super talented organist as a family friend to handle the prelude music, and my bridesmaid Beth is going to be singing "He's Always Been Faithful" by Sara Groves early in the ceremony. I will enter to the classical "Trumpet Fanfare" (trumpeter TBA!) and we will exit to "Come Thou Fount". I want a true southern baptist wedding ceremony- 20 minutes tops! HA! Seriously though, too much can be overkill. Hopefully, we will have a pianist for the reception, too.

Anyway, this is just a sampling of where my head has been lately. My family is so  helpful, not overbearing and offering helpful and wise advice as I plan. Preparing for Christmas on top of all of this has been...interesting, but I think once January comes, things will seem a bit more connected and real! It has helped being home in Ozark with the family for the last few days. Keith will join me here at my parents house Christmas Day and stay until Monday. I can't WAIT to see that sweet Fiance of mine! I haven't seen him since I was 26! (I turned 27 yesterday, oh yeah!) God has been so good to give me such a bevy of blessings this season. All glory to Him!

More to come!


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