Sunday, January 25, 2009

25 things you should know

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In NO particular order, 25 random things about me.

1. I sometimes wheeze when I laugh around my Dad.
2. I have a BME from Auburn Univeristy (choral music education) Class of 06
3. I have taught school for 3 years, one in jefferson co. and 2 (almost)@ Briarwood
4. I was baptized at the age of 8, in July of 1991.
5. My parents met at church.
6. Everyone in my family sings. My mom plays piano, my Dad trombone and my sister, the flute. I just sing.
7. I was born in the boll weevil city. (Enterprise, AL)
8. My dad and I shared the same Choral Music teacher in high school (c/o 76 and 2001, respectively)
9. I once dyed my hair blonde. Don't ask to see pictures, they don't exist any longer.
10. I spent 3 summers making fudge, cashiering and exploring the dakotas at Wall Drug Store in Wall, SD (
11. I am NOT a cat person.
12. My parents are the funniest people i know.
13. I know more about Jonestown and Jim Jones than some people who lived through it, probably.
14. I hate to grade papers. Being a choir teacher, thankfully, I don't have to often.
15. I despise the sound of skin touching styrofoam (think: picking up a coffee cup)
16. I have lived in 6 cities in my life (Montgomery, Andalusia, Auburn, Ozark, Wall, Birmingham), all but one of them in Alabama.
17. I began teaching the day after I graduated college
18. I spend the majority of each day with people who were born after 1990.
19. I have sung in 9 weddings in my life, as of this Saturday.
20. I have been a bridesmaid in only 3.
21. I took tap, ballet and jazz for almost 10 years.
22. I could live without the color yellow in my life.
23. My favorite color is brown.
24. I am terrible at math. Like, I count on my fingers.
25. I have seen Old Faithful, Niagara Falls, and been atop the empire state building, but still have never been to our nation's capital.

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