Tuesday, January 27, 2009


For the first time in recent (like, 5-6 years time) memory I have successfully fought a cold in less than a week....and won without it turning into a sinus infection. Maybe surgery DOES help?? Like, seriously- my nose is already clear where it was miserable only Saturday. Three cheers!

The economic crunch has hit families in our school, I guess- we are no longer going to be able to take our London trip next year. We just didn't have enough interested to make it a financially responsible decision to go. Oh well, I was really looking forward to it, but I'm sure the chance will come again. I'm thinking about a musical missions trip instead. Any ideas?

Last night was Keith's family birthday celebration. We went to Superior Grill (Yummy, expensive mexican food), then back to their house to eat peppermint (oops, not mint chocolate chip!) ice cream cake and play the Wii. Which, if you cared to know, I STINK at. Keith got several nice things, including 2 dress shirts, a laptop desk and a wireless mouse. It was lots of fun and his family always makes me feel so welcome! (well, there was that one time when I fell down the stairs...) :)

I am moving again. Yes, in the 3 years i've lived in Birmingham, I've moved every school year it seems, and this is no different. I just don't want to buy a house yet...on my own, and my roommates keep getting engaged! Anyway, the big move will happen in March, and I'll be living in Helena (not far from my friend Windy and her family!) with my friend Carol, who owns a lovely house and understands my reasoning for not purchasing one at this time! Hope Keith is ready for uhaul duty again.

Here comes Tuesday!

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