Friday, January 9, 2009

Top 6

Happy New Year!

I apologize for the lack of blogging activities, but Blog, I've been busy! With a trip to Disney with my choirs, A Christmas concert, traveling home for Christmas, and anniversary and my birthday it's just been a mess. A big, happy, fun mess-- but a mess all the same. Forgive the clutter! (seems as if I am always saying that!)

So, here are a few top 6 lists for you. Why 6? Well, it has always been my favorite number, and since I can hear someone equating it with Satan When I was little I had a record player (A WHAT??!!) and a record of Sesame Street songs. One song was about the number 6, and as Bert so eloquently put it:

Now two is your eyes and one's your nose
And five is your fingers or your toes
And four is the legs on an easy chair
Yet there's no number can compare
with Six

.Anyway. enough about that....on to the lists!

Top 6 ways I spent the month of December:
1. Behind the wheel of a car
2. Behind (errr...playing?) the piano
3. Worrying about my Christmas Concert (which ended up fabulously!)
4. Spending money I didn't have on presents for people (no, really, I didn't mind)
5. Singing
6. Laughing (pretty nice way to end the list, dontcha think?)

Top 6 ways I spent the first week of January:
1. Worrying/Fretting/Giving myself shoulder and neck pain over registration for UAB honor choir and Wenger Risers (a long and drawn out story that thankfully ended well.)
2. At the copier in the Briarwood Office
3. Stapling at my desk
4. Behind the piano (see a pattern forming?)
5. On a treadmill @ Planet Fitness
6. At the STOVE! (Yes, dear blog, I am a cooking woman now!)

Top 6 Christmas gifts recieved:
1. My brand new digital camera from Keith! (insert italian accent *that's a lotta megapixels!*)
2. The JLo esque hat my Dad picked out. I have never laughed so hard on Christmas. Sorry, Father.
3. the 3, yes, 3 different monogrammed Coffee/Koozie cups. I will now never be thirsty OR forget my lonely first initial.
4. 2 weeks off from school!
5. Pretty jewelry from Mom and Grammy

Top 6 engagements that-happened-over-christmas-break-that-i-can-name-off-the-top-of-my head:
1. Kelly and Matt (the roommate!)
2. Allison and Allen (the childhood best friend!)
3. Megan and Jason (the aquaintances)
4. Jami and Nick (the OBC friend from long ago)
5. Mary-Elizabeth and Brad (A girl I taught. Yes, that's correct. one of my former students from Tallassee)
6. there's probably another couple I forgot.

Top 6 Christmas suprises!
1. My birthday necklace from Keith
2. Our parents getting to have dinner with each other after my concert
3. Actually going back to the gym
4. the PTO christmas checks (WHOOOOHOOOO)
5. How quickly the candlelight service went Christmas Eve
6. How much time I got to spend with family.

and now, lunch break over- it's back to teaching time. But let this be a warning internet:
I'm back :)

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