Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Funny, haha

I have an abnormal fear of my cell phone.

You see, I normally use it as my alarm...you know, its not electric so it'll still go off when the power isn't on, it's small and compact, etc. I never set it for any specific time, either. If I need to be at school before 7 (like today), I'll set it for like 5:49 and snooze once. Normally, it's set for around 6:14 or so. However, my congenial relationship with my cell phone came to an end right after my christmas concert, during the last week of school before the break. I suppose it was the initial "concert let down", but I slept like a log. Had nice dreams, and just generally was out of it.

About halfway through a delightful dream which, if i remember correctly, involved a tropical locale, I was jostled awake by a strange noise. This was not my alarm tone. This was "Jingle Bell Rock" (i know, i know), which meant it was my you're-not-in-my-top-5-caller ring. Alarmed (PUN!), I fumbled for that little samsung, and happened to open my eyes long enough to see quite a bit of light pouring in through the window. As soon as I said hello, my heart sank. I knew. It was Lynne from the main office, just calling "to see if I was coming in this morning". I pulled my cell phone away from my face and looked at the time display. It was 8:12. It takes me about 15 minutes to get ready in a hurry, 15 to school so I thought, OHMYGOSH how late is this going to make me. Not only was I almost 45 minutes late, but this just HAPPENED to be the morning that my 1st period class of 8th graders was throwing me (with a couple of moms at school waiting with goodies) a birthday party. Yes, Miss Thompson is a royal jerk.

Ever since this tragic event, I have PTSD, or Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. Everytime my cell phone alarm goes off, i'm UP with a jump, my heart races, I feel guilty all over again for oversleeping. This is not normal. it's gotten to the point of any ring that isn't my top 5 ring pushes me over the edge. I jump 10 feet. My point? I'm super weird.

The school is on a strange schedule today for some seminar, so all my classes are clipped by 20 minutes. I'm cool. In other news, I am very excited for the return of my favorite show, Big Love, this weekend on HBO. Sadly, my roommate doesn't get HBO (horrors!) so Keith and I will watch it at his house (Thank you, direct Tv!) If you've never checked it out, you should. Sunday, HBO 8p.m.

Cassi's wedding festivities have kicked into high gear....2 showers at home this past weekend, 2 more this weekend in Demopolis, and her wedding weekend Jan, 30-31. I have some great pictures from the lingerie shower and church shower (irony?), but since i'm at school without my cord, that'll be a topic for the next post.

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