Thursday, February 5, 2009

Random Thursday Thoughts

I got a bit nostalgic today thinking about childhood toys. The kids I teach now grew up with cell phones as a reality, Barney as a staple and don't remember not having the internet or a home computer (some don't remember before iPods..) I thought i'd share with you some of the things I LOVED (and hated) as a child!

Little Golden books! Who didn't love these? I am so glad I learned to love reading when I was young. I remember having a vhs about the poky little puppy, but I sure had LOTS of golden books, too. The best of both worlds meet below!

A true child of the 80's, one of the best days of my childhood life involved recieving the big, grey box that was the original nintendo. I was lucky enough to have a cool mom who liked to play too! I was never very good, but I really enjoyed playing :)

POPPLES! Who didn't love popples? I got an orange one when I had the chicken pox (I believe I was around 4 at the time.) I think any stuffed animal you can fold is worth it's weight in gold. Also- it was really soft!!

Connect 4 was AWFUL. I'm sorry if you like this game, but I absolutely LOATHED it. I do not like strategy games at all, hence my life long disdain for checkers, chess, battleship, etc.

I loved my brown Fisher Price Record Player!!! I listened to records on this thing over and over and over (I remember a lot of Sesame Street!)

This wasn't a "toy" per se, but I did like watching PBS (don't hate!) and especially Square One TV. Little did I know it was math disguised as fun. Too bad I didn't pay close attention. I am not a math person. I do remember being traumatized by an episode where someone was wearing a fake, plastic face that they ripped off in a courtroom after their true identity was exposed.

YES! This was the best tape player in existence.

I could listen to those awesome read-a-long tapes and read the books all day long! I especially remember the Mary Poppins one. When you hear the chime, turn the page!

I think when I have kids, I will be scouring eBay for some goodies for MY kids from MY childhood. Just for nostalgia's sake! Maybe they'll get the Teddy Ruxpin I was denied for my entire childhood! :) I'm kidding. Kind of. I do always remember wanting a TR, but then again- I knew how to read pretty early....but still- Teddy was always high on that list.


OH! how can I forget...I remember watching this game show on TV. It was one of the few times before Lorilyn was born that I can remember wanting a sibling. I had it pretty good- but I loved watching "I'm Telling". Anyone else remember? It was like "The Newlywed Game", but for pre-teen siblings. It probably got cancelled due to that creepy factor alone. However, I remember that "mountain of prizes" and how awesome it looked. I am kinda suprised I remember it- I looked it up and it only ran for about a year, 1987-88, then re-runs til 89. Have a look :)

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annieck said...

LOVED Popples!!! SO fun!
Enjoyed your random thoughts and memories. :)