Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Today begins the journey (again?)

I'm sharing.

Today, I begin. numbers aren't important, but since being in Birmingham i've gained about 40 pounds. Yikes! on this 5'5" frame, it ain't pretty.

In looking at the pictures from my friend Cassi's BEAUTIFUL wedding, it is hard for me to ignore the fact that I look like I should have been wearing a jersey and hitting the field for linebacker practice. I don't think that was David Bridal's intent when they offered the dress in my size. All joking aside, I'm not healthy. I could list the various "whiney" reasons I have for being overweight (it's not like I eat all the time, i eat less than lots of skinny people i know, i have the metabolism of a decesased person, etc), but it doesn't do any good.

There are a lot of fantastic reasons to lose weight - to be healthy, to increase energy, etc. The items listed below aren’t my main reasons, but I like to think of them as potential fringe benefits.

1) The ability to become less self concious. I constantly check people's expressions for the "uh oh, here comes the fat girl" look or the "Should she really be sitting on that precariously unstable chair" look or how about the "What is that girl doing with HIM!" look. As a big girl, I know them all. I'm ready to not be constantly scanning for "the look" from people I don't even know! I realize this is mostly a me issue, but all the same...

2) It would be nice if my clothes from a year ago would fit. Ya know, just sayin.

3) Finances. Plus size clothing costs considerably more money than its smaller-sized cousins. Those dollars should be enough to finance a whole tablecloth’s-worth of extra material, I’m smaller than the average dining room furniture and seem to get short-changed when it comes to value per inch of textile.

4) To look my age. I feel like I am in a weird "fat person limbo" age area. Am I 18? 35? who knows!!

Anyway, I'm not sure how much i'll share about this in the coming weeks and months, but for those of you who share my plight, whether it be needing to lost 15 pounds or 100, just keep me in your prayers.

On an unrelated note: I really think Tuesdays should be outlawed. They are yucky.

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