Thursday, April 2, 2009


The subject here is pretty representative of life as of late...chugging along. If it's not one thing, its another, but I'm glad to be on board, at least. I had a hard time picking that train picture up there; I couldn't figure whether I was a speedy new train or a locamotive. I chose somewhere in-between. I think both the new and old trains make chugging sounds. I digress...

Here are 10 things about my life at this moment (accompanied by pictures).

I have a cold. Thankfully, post nasal surgery, these are few and far between. However, I now know the warning signs...always a sore throat the day before it hits.

Little stressed out here at work....about 4 weeks til concert, and we keep having half days, assemblies, and workdays. I need more time with my choirs!

yesterday, I accompanied about 40 8th graders for Jr High Service day to a church in Eastlake. We cleaned and painted, and hopefully didnt make things worse. FUNNY QUOTE OF THE DAY: Eighth grade girl enters room with yellow mop/soap combo as shown above and says, "Miss Thompson....what do we put in this to make it mop?"....

My roommate got another dog, Jack. That brings our animal list up to 4. However, Jack is super fun, and in spite of humping anything you put in front of him, he is sweet and loves to play. I can't wait to see him grow up! (he's 4 months old).

At service day yesterday, a mother came up to me at lunch and sat down. I smiled (pizza in mouth), and then she scooted her chair closer, gave me a smile that says "aw, poor thing", and asked "Are you in 8th grade, sweetie?"...I paused my chewing and became very confused. I told her I was actually her daughters Music Appreciation teacher. She became very embarrased and said, "Aside from your mature face, I thought you were 14!". Here's what I felt like when I heard the words "mature face":


Wicked this weekend at the BJCC! We'll see how the traveling cast stacks up to the NYC!

More later.
Love, Mature Faced McGee

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Windy said...

Aaron saw that "mature face" picture just now and said, "who's he?" HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!