Monday, April 13, 2009


Happy Easter!

The Fam was in town for The Easter/Birthday festivities this weekend! My Mom and Sister have birthdays about 24 hours (and 30 odd years) apart, and since my sister and I both live in the BHM, my parents booked some tickets for Wicked and came on up for the weekend. I was glad to see them! Here are a few random shots from the last few days:

This is Lorilyn and I (doesn't she look 19) in front of Hunter Street. I am still wearing my nametag. Oops.

Mom and I I see it's time for a haircut. Can we say Unruly?
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Lisa said...

I love you, but I must agree: it's time for a trim.

I LOVE your hair in a bob right at your chin, but that's just me. :)

Speaking of... I need a trim too. Unruly and insanely thick describes my tresses at the moment.