Thursday, April 16, 2009


There are not many things about me that are firm. Legs, theighs, arms, you name it- not firm. But aside from body parts, I need firm in my every day life. Speech, reminders, control top panty hose....I digress.

You know, I always needed a firm admonition to get going, especially early in the morning. I remember many times my sweet Dad acting as my own personal snooze button during most of elementary and middle school days. One sweet, "Hey Nat, time to get up", would morph after three more visits to "Get up. NOW." That last one always got me moving. Notice how I capitalized the NOW.
Well, I am sitting at my desk this morning, getting a list of things to do during planning period going, and I notice the notepad I'm using. I've been using it for a week or so (I found it discarded in the lounge) and I liked it because it had lines and boxes to check off...I believe a good list has pre-fashioned lines to write upon. Anyway- when I noticed what was at the top of my paper, I giggled a little bit.

Does American Business Supply in Pelham know me or what? Not tomorrow, not by the end of the week....TODAY! :) Also, please disregard my awful cursive/print combo handwriting.

In other news, tonight is opening night for the Big School Musical production, for which i've been the vocal coach. This means that it is also 2 weeks from my concert date... God Bless America...better get back to this list of things to get done! Happy Thursday :)

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Lisa said...

I'm going to need a Natalie update TODAY.

Thanks in advance. :)