Monday, April 6, 2009

Mixed bag...

Dad came into town Sunday and took Keith, LT and I to lunch @ J. Alexanders. That could be a whole other post though, which would be titled, "How can such expensive food be so mediocre?". Still, I had no trouble making a dent in whatever was put in front of me! Last night I saw Wicked with the Owens family at the BJCC and buddy it was great. I was a little spoiled in being the only one to have seen it in NYC, but the traveling cast was just wonderful. Glinda gets me every time! (Ga-linda?).

Earlier, while eating my salad at my desk, a robin came and perched on my window. Feeling a little bit like Snow White ("all these animals, they love me!), I didn't mind. However, when I glanced back 3 minutes later to find the bird still staring at me, it was a little weird. I arose from my desk, approached the window, and this bird did not flinch. Perhaps it has mad bird syndrome?Bird flu? Either way, it has been perched to my window for 20 minutes and is just looking at me. For the record, I AM wearing eye makeup today, so perhaps that is it. Either that, or we all need to recall our Alfred Hitchcock information and head for the hills!

I am meeting with my grad school advisor @ Montevallo on Friday. I always thought grad school was some sort of lofty idea that only other people endeavored to achieve. When I saw how much more money i'd make with a master's degree, however, I knew I could be one of those people. It's true. Thus begins my foree into the world of government debt! Thank goodness for student loans.

Study hall almost over. Time to crank out another choir rehearsal--and keep my eye out on that bird.....WHO IS STILL THERE!?!?!? (btw, i totally pulled a 15 yr old move and just googled "Why is this bird looking at me"....according to yahoo answers, I am not the only one with this question....!

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Anonymous said...

I've always seen birds as God's emissaries. I didn't spell that right!

Glad you enjoyed "Wicked"! I can't wait. : )