Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Classic, with snuggies at the bottom.

I meant to post these last night...Anyone else remember these from Sesame Street? I love YouTube (and 80's public television)

OH MAN! I still sing this song today. Luis and Maria.....

I remember this like I saw it last week!



Also, this morning a girl took out a SNUGGIE from her bookbag and put it on. Now, my room was kinda cold, but I was AWESTRUCK! There's nothing specifically outlawing snuggies in class, and no one else seemed to really notice. I think it looks like a Monk's robe he would wear in a monastery in Europe somewhere...I didnt get a picture, but here's the general idea if you have no mental image:

Thanks to
and introducing the snugglette for kids! this is for real?!?!

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