Wednesday, May 6, 2009

A few things--Part 2 aka FUN with segregation

I know segregation was legally eliminated years ago, but yesterday I had an experience that knew I had to blog about.

I was browsing in a shopping center I don't usually frequent. I was on my way to a location that was a little closer to downtown Birmingham than I usually am out in Shelby County, so I thought i'd peruse a few shops that I don't get to go by. Granted, most of these are chains, but you know that each "store" can have different stuff. One of my favorite passtimes is to hop over each TJ Maxx, Stein Mart and ROSS in 20 mile reach of my house (If you're wondering ... 3 TJ Maxx, 2 Stein Marts, and 3 ROSS stores in a 20 mile radius! I have a sickness!). This all being said- I am not a Birmingham or Central Alabama native. I am not used to having these stores at my disposal (after almost 3 years, even!) and am still very happy to be here!

Back to the saga- I was browsing through Hobby Lobby (I walked out empty handed, much to my checking account's glee), had bought 3 things for under $12 in Old Navy (It's like I can FEEL a sale), and then I came upon this:

I had never heard of such a place, but I saw some brandnames (Bandolino, Liz Claiborne), that I recognized on the sign outside, so I parked the ol' civic and headed in.

It looked like a Sam's Club on the inside- very warehousey. Despite this, I really enjoyed browsing. They had great deals on some cute sandals (see: gladiators below), SUPER cheap jewelry, and brand names of some pretty dresses that you could have found at Macy's. I was digging through a rack when a young lady bumped into me. I said, "oh! I'm sorry" --which is what good southern girls do, even if it is not our fault that you weren't looking where you were going in a public place. Anyway- I looked up and saw this girl give me the strangest look. Like I had snakes in my hair, or spaghetti sauce on my face, or had just threatened her. I shrugged it off, figuring perhaps she was having a bad day. Sometimes when I have a bad day I get really surly when I bump into people too....Oh wait......

I made my way over to the casual clothes. I was happily suprised to notice the large plus section with very trendy and affordable clothing. It seems they had more larger sizes than 0's and 2's. WOW! I noticed a teenager in a catholic school uniform looking through the racks with her mom. They met my glance and also looked at me and turned around the other direction. I was starting to get the feeling something was wrong! As I made my way to the accessories, I heard the funniest thing- a very effeminate male voice coming from a salesman in the Men's Suits. He was helping a Dad and Son pick out something, and was trying to also sell them a hat. I kept looking through the purses when I noticed something. Every purse I had touched had all been "Dereon". This is Beyonce Knowles personal line of clothing and etc. I looked to my left and saw a pair of earrings shaped like an Apple. Odd, I thought. Then I read the tag. "Apple Bottoms..". I then noticed a large portion of the store I had over looked....the "Sunday Hats" sign hung in the air like a lightbulb going off....(as CiCi Winans played in the background...)

My eyes started to dart around the warehouse. Besides the older, effeminate salesperson, I was the only caucasian in the place. This had NOT bothered be at all, because after all, I am South Alabama born and bred- but I started to realize the looks I had been getting. The girl, her Mom, the young lady, every cashier- they were following me with their eyes, as to say, "?!?!?!". I understand that I was the only white person in there, but honey, they had some deals! I giggled to myself at what they must be thinking, but I marched myself up to the checkout, made friends with the cashier (it's the south alabama in me), and even became a K and G rewards member. I WILL be returning... no one can stop me, right? :)

I just hit the website....and I think i'm right on target with their "branding" here...

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Lisa said...

Have I never told you my "It's Fashion!" story???

I can relate... and I love that there was an entire section for Sunday Hats.

Anonymous said...

Send me the link!

Disco Christa said...

I loved this post. I have been to the K & G before; I know what you are saying.