Wednesday, May 27, 2009

What a weekend...

Ingredients for a weekend to remember:

1. Load up your boyfriend's entire immediate family (plus dog)

2. arrive with his family to a splendidly fabulous house on the beach, hoping to enjoy restful long weekend

3. go for a dinner date with boyfriend to established seafood restaurant on the Gulf.

4. (here's where it gets interesting) grilled shrimp and tartar sauce sandwich

5. take a romantic stroll along the shore before heading back to the house.

6. fall asleep peacefully around midnight.

7. Wake up at 5 a.m. PUKING YOUR GUTS OUT. Repeat once an hour for the next 8 hours. At hour 4, add uncontrollable bowel movements.

8. In a painful, vomitous stupor, allow your boyfriend's parents to talk you into going to the doctor after you've thrown up the anti nausea medicine and 20 oz of gatorade.

8.5. Upon leaving the subdivision, find that baldwin co. public works has chosen this time to hold up traffic both ways to cut down tree limbs. Keith gets out of car, talks to sherrif, and we continue on. I only vaguely remember this.

9. Forget your ID, but don't remember this until you are trying to check in at the doc-in-a-box. Did you know in the state of FL a private practice will not see you without an ID?

10. Locate the nearest american family care in Orange Beach. Arrive. Check in. Vomit.

11. Get wonderful shot of the best medicine ever made, which allowed the vomiting to stop, put me to sleep and allowed me to remain hospital free.

12. Leave for home the following morning, spending a total of 20 minutes on the beach.

13. Realize you have the most loving boyfriend in existence and the most patient parents ever.

Bring it on, Summer!

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Anne said...

This just brought back some painful flashbacks from the time I got sun poisoning at the beach. All I can remember is thinking about how nice and cold the bathroom floor felt while I was lying on it, praying to die.