Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Twenty Random Things Tuesday

1. I count my steps in my head when I walk, but only my right foot steps. It was 6 right steps from my front door to my car this morning. So 12 steps total. Make it stop!

2. My classes are watching movies the next 8 class days. Today, it's High School Musical 3. I'm the worlds best educator. And also, my head hurts.

3. I am obsessed with my comforter. It's suede-y on one side and cool on the other. If I could, I would order a snuggie made out of this material...and wear it all the time.

4. I lost 3.2 pounds last week!

5. I secretly want to see "17 again". Shhh...

6. My students call me Miss T. Rarely do I ever hear "Thompson" when i'm at school. I think next year for halloween I should get a mohawk and some chains...

7. My favorite french fries (in order of preference): 1. Wendy's 2. Zaxby's 3. Milo's 4. Five Guys 5. McDonalds

8. I do realize that only a true fat kid would make a list like that. However, i'm on weight watchers, so that's the closest i'm getting to a french fry today-- listing about them.

9. I love getting mail that's not a bill or junk.

10. I like to buy gifts WAY ahead of time. Keith thought I was insane last week when I saw a shirt his sister would like on sale and urged him to go ahead and pick it up for her birthday...in July.

11. I have a bad habit of leaving the TV on after i've fallen asleep now that my television's sleep timer isn't functioning.

12. I love to doodle. I stayed after class many a time in HS to wash the pencil doodles off of my desk- and in college I grafittied many a desktop in Goodwin Hall. My favorite things to doodle: My name, squares, 3-d triangles, the letter S. I am so weird.

13. I hate hate hate hate making eye contact with strangers. I will avoid this to the point of rudeness. It just weirds me out. Don't look me in the eye unless we know one another, people!

14. I love the color brown. You might say, i was brown before brown was cool. I suggested a brown and blue bon voyage shirt for my high school sorority back in 2000, and I got the strangest looks. I should have cashed in on that and started the trend earlier!

15. I hate feet. Period.

16. I am really really really excited about going back to start my graduate degree. also excited about the student loan refund check i'll be getting in June.

17. Phrase heard most during the day: "Miss T, can I _________" (Fill in the blank with "Go to the library, go to the bathroom, go to my locker, go call my mom, or go see Mrs./Mr./Coach ______)

18. My pet peeve phrase: "What are we doing today, Miss T?"

19. My answer: "Sit down and you'll see!"

20. I put sweet-n-low in my water. <3

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