Thursday, May 21, 2009


I am most inclined to blog after 10 p.m.

Why is that?

I am not in on the American Idol craze. I watched the first season and part of season 2 but since then I have not been too interested. My college roommate Erin and I used to pretend we were on AI in our dorm room (even leaving duets as our rooms answering machine message) but those days have passed. I'd rather watch 2 hours of Snapped on WE, which is just what Keith and I did last night. This of course led to me being paranoid all day that people around me were murderers, adulterers or fugitives, but I still love the real life crime shows. For eva.

Speaking of crazes, I am not down with this one:

I first noticed the Kavu trend late in my college career at Auburn. Somethings are regional college trends that filter down to HS (read: BAMA BANGS a la John Parker Wilson), and I think this is one of them. I do not think these purses are appopriate for any indoor situation. They are canvas, industrial and not cute. You can try to dress them up with colors and stripes, but they are camping equipment. And every female I teach under the age of 17 owns one (and wears it with everything from jeans to dresses).

I have so much more to say- but my eyes will not stay open to let me finish. Tomorrow is officially summer for me, so watch out blog....Here I come!

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