Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Change of Plans--Way Back Whensday

BFF pic from 7th grade- Spring 96
Emily was wearing the kickin' Olympic Nikes...and I felt the need to roll my shirt sleeves up and also we won't talk about that skort. I love the natural backround behind us, too. Man, we were COOL!

After spending about 2 hours with my advisor, in the records office, and chatting with financial aid, I finally am in the correct graduate program at UM. Apparently, when I mentioned I ALREADY HAD a teaching certificate (albeit in a different content area), my advisor heard silence. Anyway- we caught her (their?) error and I got to drop the class I started yesterday....and will join the traditional (not 5th year) graduate program for the next cohort, in January 2010. Wooo! This is a good thing, because I can just take the praxis II to have immediate certification in English, then join the trad. grad program which will only take a year and NO internship. YAY!

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