Sunday, July 12, 2009


The month of July has been a complete WHIRLWIND! I am very sad it is half over.

I start my new summer semester on Tuesday (grades should be posted tomorrow!) so I'm excited about that for sure. Keith is going through another job transition, so be in prayer for him as he seeks where God has for him to be- permanently. Exciting things are down the road for him and us, so I'm just blessed to be along for the ride.

Saturday, Keith and I had a yard sale with his roommate, Jay and his girl friend Laura Beth-- I should have taken pictures. It was GI-NORMUS. So much crap to sell...but let me tell you, the latinos, they love 3 things.

1. Women's clothing from 2003-2008. And tank tops.

2. Men's shirts marked 2 for a dollar. Also, bartering $1 items down to $.50

3. Coming to your yardsale either earlier or later than posted times.

It was good fun- we had our first customer at 5:50 a.m. and our last at 2 p.m. Jay and LB had about 3x as much stuff as Keith and I (LB made a trip to her parents house last week and her parents were hoarders!), but we all made out very well. About $600 was made between the 4 of us! The strangest item we sold (that we thought no one would buy) had to be the computer CPU which keith had taken the hard drive out of....and I also sold a sips and strokes original for $2! Someone also bought a used candle of mine for $1....??I think Keith and I will be doing this again, perhaps when it gets a little cooler in the fall.

Keith and I spent the 4th at Ft. Rucker's Freedom Fest. They put on a wonderful fireworks display and historical show. Keith even got to tour the inside of some cool helicopters, and we enjoyed spending time with my family later that weekend, too!

I am now officially back in the blogging WATCH OUT! :)

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