Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Post #99....Way Back Whensday

Today's Way Back Whensday is a High School Edition. Get excited!

Like most people, I have my share of awkward high school memories, stories and baggage, but I'm focusing on the positive today...and sharing some of the best memories and times I had while at Carroll High School!

This is Cassi, Abby and me circa 1998! We were really silly and liked to make people take photoshoots of us on the floor laughing. We were before our time, that's for sure. I am still really good friends with both of these girls, and they both live less than 2 hours away from me. I am lucky!

Ah, your first high school dance. Remember? Well, here's mine. Mum and all! Needless to say, if the suede clogs weren't enough to make you giggle, perhaps you can relish the fact that my date looks 10 and the photographer couldn't even center those styrofoam columns. Good times!

My church had a really active youth group when I was in high school, and we got to take some really neat trips! This is from one of our Ski Trips to West Virginia! If you could read our minds, Me and Julie were thinking, "SNOW?!" I still keep in touch with Julie, too, who lives back in my hometown with her husband and two little boys.

This is really the piece de resistance!
I think I can let you draw your own conclusions...about the large class year, the hair, the bracelet--I was definitely rocking each one.

Also, my next post will be my 100th! That seems like a big deal. Perhaps I will go retrieve a diet coke to celebrate? I am a teacher, and it's Summer, so I'm gonna go with a big yes for that idea. Thanks for reading :)

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