Tuesday, July 14, 2009


4.0 on the books for Summer I! What a change from Auburn. I love my program at Montevallo so far. I've also met some really great people, too. What a wonderful summer! (Aren't I a big ball of sunshine!)
First day of Summer term II was today- and this class looks to be a lot more demanding than my last two were. 12 page papers, 100 pages to read a night- I'll make it, but my brain will be on FIRE until August. :) One good thing- it's my only class of the day! Whoo hooooooooo!
More to come (and a new look, soon....via designgirlblog.blogspot.com!)

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Megan said...

I followed you on Twitter! And I'm excited to see your new blog design. I love everything the Design Girl does!