Friday, June 12, 2009

New school, Crazies, and diet sprite

Those three words pretty much sum up the last week for me. I'll do this in list form, cause we all know how I love the lists.

1. New School- Ok, y'all. I love being back in school again. I love taking graduate level classes. I even love feeling like the smartest person in the 200 level class I have to take as a prerequisite. I love that its only 14 miles to campus, I love that the facilities are super nice, I love that I can use the gym, heck- even the Subway restaurant here is better than the one by my house. Call it a honeymoon period if you like- but it's lookin' like the real thing. L-O-V-E.

2. Crazies- I won't go into lots of detail but if you'd like to know the kind of crazies that are lurking blogger, please click (here). I will say that I had been to Beccah's blog many times, found it as a sidebar on another blog asking for prayer, but I never understood the need for her anonymity. When I saw that she had a P.O. Box listed for "cards and letters" (aka donations, please) and listed adverts on her site- it made me feel all green inside. I was fortunate enough to catch her last few posts before she disappeared (after a fake birth and trying to pass pics of a babydoll off as her newborn child) and buddy, the aftermath that followed has been like a real life, Nancy Grace phenomenon-- online. Thousands of people were duped by her, and some even sent money!! See (here), (here) and finally, my favorite response (here). I can't look away....who fakes a pregnancy under the guise of christendom and charity? Ugh.

3. Diet Sprite- is sold all over campus. Other than sonic, I usually have a hard time finding it. I am thankful, readers. Very thankful.

Speaking of class, I have one momentarily, so I bid you farewell. Headed to the parent's with the boy this weekend!!!

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Megan said...

Good luck with you and your new boyfriend, AKA your new school. You know how I feel about the crazies. And I share your passion for Sonic Diet Sprite. I think that I'm the Texas Natalie and you're the Alabama Megan.

Anonymous said... YOU! Can't wait to see you both. : )

Jacki - Plush Off said...

Diet Sprite rules all!

Autumn said...

Lots of crazies is right. :) Good luck with school. So glad I am done for now.