Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Computer Lab etiquette???

Often times my 1st class of the day gets out rather early. Our professor is very cool and if we've covered the material she wants, she lets us go. Also, (and on a much sadder note) her husband is having some big health problems so she's missed 2 days already of our 30 day minimester. That being said, on days like today when we get out at 2:10 (50 minutes early), I mosey on down to the computer lab here in the english building and make catch up on my blogs, facebook, and emails (because nothing says loser quite like being the mid 20s facebook checker in a college computer lab!)

Today, there seems to be a pre-college program on campus. Lots of teenagers, wearing the same color shirts are swarming campus (all with the same one-strap so:

While this is well and good- and i'm all for encouraging kids who might not go to college, to actually try and attend (i'm just taking a guess by the clothing, haircuts and accents...horrible I know- SUE ME!) by letting them take over a university campus for a few days-- it has severely cramped my computer lab style! Imagine my suprise when about 10 minutes after I sat down, about 30 teens and a teacher/instructor (all in lime green!) come in and proceed to start a Microsoft word 'class', complete with lecture, questions and "HEY, HEY! GET OFF OF BEBO!" speech. I'm assuming my dark brown shirt must blend into the wall or something, because the only other adult in the room (the teacher) hasn't noticed me. I just asked another UM student (probably an undergrad) who was sitting in front of me if we were supposed to leave or something. He looked up from long enough to mutter "I'm not leaving- I pay to go here." I like his logic, friends. But there is a hitch. I cannot handle being with teenagers and not being able to be in control of them. Like, you know, be their teacher. My Lisa-thompson-in-a-movie-theater-when-kids-are-talking-during-a-movie voice might just come out, and I really try to avoid that at all costs. Love you Mom.

The time has come where I cannot take whatever this is any longer, as the adult has left the room and I feel like I am now back at PVHS- except I cannot send anyone to the office or deduct points from their grade. Burping, talking on cell phones, and the likes....I think its time for me to go read ahead, or something. Thanks for the sign, big Guy!

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