Monday, June 29, 2009



This clip is from the upcoming FOX reality series, "More to Love" (previously, ACTUALLY titled, "The Fatchelor"). The initial focus was going to be on the overweight bachelor, but they have recruited only "curvy and confident" women to court this guy for whatever reason, and as a person who struggles with her weight- I'd rather not be made fun of. Society gives enough chances to poke fun at people who are overweight, do we really need a show that instead of helping these people LOSE weight, like Celebrity Fit Club and the Biggest Loser, just slaps some makeup on them, and lets them whine about it without working towards a goal (besides acceptance?) ? Ugh. I feel like as a whole, overweight women are taken advantage of much more so than men. Not enough time to elaborate anymore, but here's a funny comment from the website where I found the vid (watch it first):

Lest anyone thinks that the crazy-eyes crying chick who wails "I just don't want to be alone!" is sacrificing even a shred more dignity than a skinny Bachelor contestant, where ladies have been known to shout "My eggs are dying!," trust me, she's not.

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