Sunday, June 7, 2009

The perfect Summer

I longed for summer break. I ached deep down in my post-it laden, pass writing, piano playing, music teacher heart for a reprieve from the grind. On May 22, I got my wish.

And the angels sang.

But seriously, I have really enjoyed my time off. I have gone on a road trip, babysat, slept, organized, cleaned, watched TV, drank wayyy too much diet sprite (which, face it- I woulda done anyway!), and had lots of 'me' time. However- I am a creature of habit, and therefore I know......I'm over it. Already. How pitiful am I? Thankfully- I start grad school Tuesday (technically tomorrow). The itch has set it- I am ready to be on to other things. I can't WAIT to be that weird older girl in class. YES!

In other news...I cannot resist christmas wrap/decor on sale more than 50% off. It's a fact. Today, I bought 30 items from a Tuesday Morning clearance sale....for less than $15 total expenditure. I thought about documenting them all with photos- but then I remembered it was summer still and I'm "off."

Well, since i'm chock out of interesting- hows about a little circa 1991 action for your viewing pleasure? More to come after I re-enter the world of higher education!

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