Thursday, June 4, 2009

Blog of mine

HellO! It's been a few days. I have not forgotten you. I have attempted tp update you about 5 times, get about 1/3 rd of the way into an entry and then lose my mojo. It's crazy. I am hoping I will have more to share and blog about after I start grad school next week. Until then- I will leave you with 2 thoughts..

1. Why is there a W beside the number on shoes (like 9W) and it means wide? However, I buy clothes that say W after the number (16W) and it means women's. Insulting much? I'm workin' on it (down 14.2!)

2. I suddenly am enamored with all things monogrammed. I believe this will only worsen when Keith and I become engaged and I can start getting things with 3 initials (I don't have a middle name.) I bought this (Portfolio with legal pad inside) out in Nashville last weekend at Opry Mills and my current favorite thing to do is stare at it and open and close it. I am excited about figuring a time I can use it. Right now I'm thinking I can use it to take notes in class and let everyone know at least one thing about me... my first initial! Natasha? Nicole? Nancy? you decide!

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myralisa said...

I'm so sorry you don't have a middle initial. Who's to blame for that life-trauma?

Glad you are blogging again. I miss it. Didn't wanna blog about this a.m., eh?


Amanda said...

Love the portfolio! It is too cute!