Monday, June 22, 2009

Not Me! Monday

It was most definitely NOT ME who has eaten 100 calorie packs of kettle corn for breakfast for the past 8 days. That would be disgusting!

Also, NOT ME who has had laundry piling up in not one but two hampers- saving it for the weekend to wash....and it's monday.

It certainly was NOT ME who guilted her boyfriend into taking her to see 'The Proposal' opening night after enduring the terminator movie a couple of weeks back and every man movie that was released during summer 08. That wouldn't be nice.

I don't know who it was, but it was NOT ME who spent 2 hours in target looking for picture frames, bought 2 of them, and returned them an hour later due to buyers remorse. That would be just silly.

I have no idea who this crazy person thought she was, but it was NOT ME who while changing in the locker room at my university's gym after doing some cardio, decided to sing and dance along with the music being piped in. It also NOT ME who didn't hear another gym patron enter the bathroom as I was performing. In my underwear. That wasn't me. It also was NOT ME who turned 1,000,000 shades of red and ran like a madwoman into the nearest stall.

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Disco Christa said...

I had to see The Terminator, too. This is a hilarious post, btw.

Sarah J. said...

I commented back to you on my blog.

your last Not Me! had me laughing out loud!